Monday, February 23, 2009

Change is good??

So Buyuk Kaptan is back at the club this time as coach after the not exactly unexpected dismissal of Skibbe following the poor start to the second half of the season.

Bulent Kormaz was a great, great player for Cim Bom of that there is no question but his record as a coach is somewhat less exceptional.

His record is something like this from his time at Erciyes, Bursa and Genc:

Played 35
Won 10
Drawn 12
Lost 14

Of course it could be argued that he did not have the resources at these clubs etc. etc. it is questionable whether he really has the experience to manage Galatasaray right now?

So should the club have left the team management to Cevat Guler and his team who did a good job last season when Feldkampf left and won the Championship?

Given that the first person to be offered the job on Sunday night was Hagi who wanted a longer contract this seems like desperation to offer the post to Bulent.

I hope I am wrong............


Musab said...

A bit of an extended post;

The Galatasaray board decided to make the right decision to sack Skibbe. He never really adopted to Turkey and his tactics weren't for us.

I watched Bulent's matches with the clubs he managed. Erciyespor was a crisis team which Bulent inspired to fight a mighty battle to escape relegation, something they nearly accomplished. He led the team to an impressive 1-1 draw with Fener (Semih's tying goal being offside), and brought Erciyes to the finals of the Turkish Cup against Besiktas in which they were denied two clear penalties and Besiktas should have been playing with 10 men.

With Bursaspor he formed a very offensive team that in my opinion, was just unlucky. Bursa just kept either giving away 1-0 leads or lost matches in which they should have at least came away with a point. The Bursa-GS match is a perfect example.

Genclerbirligi is a completely different story. He joined the club after the dictator Cavcav promised Bulent job security and the right to rebuild the team before viciously sacking him when Bulent oppossed certain business dealings.

Since then Bulent took courses in management in England and seems fresh and ready to manage Galatasaray. There's no doubt that Bulent loves football and Galatasaray very much. Is it a bit prematur for him to return to the club? Perhaps. But I'm sure he'll lead us to new glories.

Oz Kanka said...

Korkmaz was hopeless for us at Gencler.