Sunday, August 31, 2008


So after being dumped out of the Chimps League Galatasaray get the consolation of a place in the UEFA Cup, the only European tournament won by a Turkish Club in 2000 when Galatasaray beat Arsenal.

And in the first round we have been dawn against Bellinzona FC a team from the Swiss League. Now before we get carried away by this a quick check on Wikipedia reveals that as Bellinzona is in the Italian speaking area of Switzerland they are a feeded club for AS Roma so we can expect there to be a few good players there looking to make a name for themselves.

So we have a chance for redemption after the dismal showing in the Champs League. Lets hope the team relaize this and take their chance.

Next up Kayserispor who we beat already this season.

In other news I see FB's referee buying has already started. They could only beat IBB after 2 players had been sent off, surprised, I'm not.


rokkafellah said...

HAHA Referee buying? Are you out of your mind? Galatasaray bought the TFF's President! (Remember Haluk Ulusoy?)
Anyway, good luck in the UEFA Cup while Fenerbahce is playing with the real champions in the Champions' League.

Gulay said...

ho ho ho, i guess you guys are so blinded by your corrupt chairman and the fact that refs or alex fall over to benefit you that it must be a problem for you when its so blatant. Oh and as for good luck at least we won a UEFA championship, now lets remember when FB won anything of its not possible. Amazing that they let teams who only finish second these days into the Chimps league as you will have along wait to get in as champions based on your performances of the first two matches.

rokkafellah said...

Alex falling over? Look at Lincoln, my dear Gulay...

rokkafellah said...

actually I just created a video about a game between GS and FB today. You might want to check it out

Eski Kanka Jim said...

I have no more toys left in my cot so you will have to play this game by yourselves !!!

By the way, I'm backing CimBom to move into the next round of a EUROPEAN (UEFA) competition.