Monday, July 14, 2008

Dog days of summer

So EURO 2008 is over, the season has not started, the phony war is on with transfer rumors by the bucketful but no real substance and so what to do.......I have no idea. I could watch baseball but that would be less than interesting.

MLS is on and watchable these days, not brilliant but then Samsun versus Adana hardly gets the pulse racing either and I have to say the technical level is high even of the oppressive summer heat here slows things down.

Galatasaray are in Germany and won the first preparataion match against Holmberg 2-0. Good to see that Linderoth was in action again after almost a season out.

Still no movement on Lucas Neill but thats not exactly a disappointment. If Servet and Emre can get fit and play as well as they did at EURO 2008 then the defence is sorted.

New goalkeeper would be a benefit and a 25 goal a season striker but thats maybe wishful thinking.....

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