Sunday, January 27, 2008

All too easy

Another trip to Ankara and another 3 points collected putting Galatasaray back at the top of the Lig after a brief flirtation with Sivas.

A reasonable performance today in the frozen wastes of Anatolia with 4 different scorers and Nonda who has been in excellent form recently not even playing.

Not a very difficult match today and it was basically killed off with three goals in seven minutes in the first half when Hakan, Arda and Umit scored. After that it was a non event really with Ankargucu looking as uninterested as their chairman who did not even bother to stay until the end!!! Serkan's late goal was an bonus for the average.

Considering who is missing the team is playing well and is still top despite the list of absentees who for today were:

Injured: Nonda, Ayhan, Linderoth, Lincoln, Hasan Sas, Okan and Hakan Balta,
Suspended: Baris
African Nations Cup: Song

So despite missing those players we are top. Cant help but feel there is something ironic in that. It amazes me that there are some Galatasaray supporters who consider Feldkampf should be got rid of despite this and Lucescu brought back. Okay, do that at the end of the season maybe but not right now, if anything Feldkampf's disciplinarian methods have improved the fitness and strength of the team and with the limited cash available he has blended a good strong team.

Looks like the wheels may be starting to fall of the Sivas wagon, it will be interesting to see how they react next weekend after Saturday's result.


Oz Kanka said...

Your point about fitness is very right. Galatasaray were miles faster than Gucu. As for me, I'm still defrosting.

Eski Kanka Jim said...

As for me..... I'm still in shock and not able to comment !!!

Eski Kanka Jim said...

I'm sorry to say that I'm still in shock..... however, I might be able to speak again after the Ankara Derby next week....

I only said..... might !!