Sunday, December 16, 2007

Mixed fortune

The weekend started off good enough with Galatasaray struggling to a 2-0 win over Sivas and going back to the top of the Lig. It was a struggle though. The changing point was probably Balili going off although it still took a long time for CimBom to capitalize. Still no Linderoth, Lincoln or Ayhan and Hasan Sas suspended so the team again had a youthful look to it. The win took GS back to the top of the Lig whatever happened the rest of the weekend albeit with a reduced points advantage.

Super Sunday came and went in England with two games of high intensity if not too much technical skill but played at 200kph, although playing at that speed and intensity takes a lot of skill as well. Exciting to watch with Man Utd and Arsenal demonstrating why the championship will probably be between them this year.

Of course Genc had to spoil the mood by losing at home but you cant have everything I guess!

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