Sunday, November 11, 2007

A good day at the office

Although Genclirbirligi could not be described as top class opposition at the moment this was still a good test for Galatasaray although in reality the result could never be in doubt.

ComBom were in a charitable mood though and decided that to make this into some form of competetive match that they should handicap themselves by giving Genc a one goal start. A horrible deflection giving Genc some promise, but gthis was not to last too long. Having looked somewhat lacklustre in the last few matches this was GS back at their best and chasing second city players all over the pitch, harldy letting them out of their own half and making sure they never had any comfortable time on the ball. And so the match rolled on and as was to be expected Galatasaray levelled and hen stretched out to a 2-1 win by half time with goals from Mehmet Topal and Serkan. More of the same was on offer in the second half with Lincoln adding the third goal before GS warmed down for the rest of the match. This did allow a fishy ending with Tuna scoring in the 93rd minute but really it was over long before then as a contest.

This result puts CimBom back on top on goal difference from Sivas who beat Sekiztas in Istanbul today. I have a feeling that Genc are in for a long hard winter....


Eski Kanka Jim said...

If I was a Genclerbirligi supporter I would have torn out what little hair I have left some time ago !

Am I the only person in the world who can see light at the end of the tunnel ? It is so logical !

Why doesn't Gencler and OFTAS amalgamate and then we need only open 19 Mayis for 2 teams instead of 3 at the moment.

Am I so stupid that I can't understand why these 2 teams play to sparse crowds week in and week out ?

Perhaps there is a reason why they don't amalgamate, and if there is, perhaps Oz Kanka can explain it to us ?!

All the best from (too ?) Logical Eski Kanka Jim

Oz Kanka said...

At the moment the reason why they shouldn't amalgamate is because I wouldn't be surprised if Oftas are the only Genclerbirligi team in the top flight next season.