Tuesday, December 05, 2006

And the penalty is????

So Galatasaray won a meaningless game 3-2 against Liverpool tonight. Although they won, the usual problems surfaced especially with the defnece whihc has been the weak spot all this season. Lets hope the management recruit a couple of players in the January transfer window.

I also note from the Turkish media that Gerets is on his way out and that the short list includes Co Adriaanse, Ersun Yanal and unbelievably Graham Souness. So last season we won the championship and this season Gerets is not good enough despite not being able to recruit new players whihc is hardly his fault and then the board decide to play the European ames at the Olympic Stadium!!! Idiots.

Talking of idiots lets see whether the TFF have grown any testicles at all in dealing with the appalling behaviour of the Kadikoy mobs so called supporters during the derby match. It seems like all other teams get penalised if their supporters swear but for the Kadikoy lot no such penalties seem to apply. Whilst you can expect no better from the rubbish that passes as management over there and the crap that turns up at games with smoke bombs HOW the hell did such an object get smuggled in, one can only assume the polis are also on the payroll.

Forget whether GS should have had a penalty for the clear handball in the second half why was the match even going on after the smoke bomb incident. Selcuk Dereli should have had more concern for the safety of the players as obviously it cannot be guaranteed by the Kadikoy morons and the game should have been stopped. How embarrasing is it for the manager of the opponents to turn up with stitches in his head after being it by thrown objects.

Forget about fines and closed stadiums there is only one correct sanction for this, points deduction and blocks on transfer activity into the club like Roma recieved last season.


Oz Kanka said...

I love nothing more than an angry Gulay! Havign said that I'm definately on your side.

The cops, diligent as they are, always seem to see that I'm a clear threat to society and take away my lighter while others get through with smoke/noise bombs.

Then ther are all the times I have to argue that having a beer before a match is a clear tradition and not a breach of Turkish law.

My point. Turkish police are useless. And bloody stupid with no idea of where real threats are coing from.

Eski Kanka Jim said...

Agreed. Hey, is this an all time first for the Blog ??!!

There can be no excuses for missile throwing at players, coaches and officials.

Extreme punishment must be handed down to the guilty.

The Italian League showed us the way last season, but punishments must be even more strict for violence.

Before closing, I recall the image on TV a few years ago when BJK beat Trabzon away (I think it was 5-0) and the sight of a man cradling his son with chairs and missiles flying all around him. That was scary !

It is a sad situation when men can't take their children to footie matches without weighing up the possibilities of violence occurring.