Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Do you feel let down

because I do. By the Government of my country especially. Not because I think they should have been represented at Dinks funeral although I believe their presence would have sen a more powerful message than all the cheap and meaningless words they spouted but because of the lack of accountability and responsibility. After all the words spoken this was followed up by no actions. IN almost any other country the people responsible for security of a major city which includes people who are clearly at risk, such people such as Dink and most other conscientious journalists and thinkers who chose not o blindly follow the party line, would already have been relieved of their positions and sent to Bumfuck, Ohio or similar. However all I see are grinning faces of incompetent lick arse lackies who are in their positions probably because of who they bribed rather than competence. Do they have no shame and no sense of pride. Resign, just get your large mustaches out of my tv screen and let someone who wants to take the job seriously do it and make the country a better place.

I also find it incomprehensible (A Contrarian View on Hrant Dink's Murder - Turkish Torque) that anyone can defend Article 301 or anyone tat says we have duty to prosecute because it exist. So inform on your neighbors when they dont pay tax, when they break the speed limit, when they beat their wife why is there so much attention in a subjectve concept such as Article 301 and who appointed these people as the watchdog of Turkishness. Personally I believe that the actions of the so called Nationalist Lawyers are damaging and insulting to Turkishness, or at least my view of it, so should I launch a prosecution?

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Eski Kanka Jim said...

No .... don't waste your breath or time Gulay.

Instead, I suggest you mourn the death of one of the good guys of Turkish politics who died yesterday. I was going to vote for Ismail Cem later this year, but now, sadly, I can't.

Are there any up-front honest guys left now ???